Complete Structures


Let us design a structure for you. Our in-house installation team will even install it for you.

Things to consider:

1. What size area do you want to cover?

Our free standing greenhouses range in widths from 10' x 30' wide. Gutter connected structures can be used to cover large expanses. The length can can be however long you need it to be as long as it is a multiple of your bow spacing.

2. What bow spacing do you want?

Bow spacing is the distance between each bow/post. It is usually 4', 5', or 6'. The closer the bow spacing, the stronger the structure.

3. What size sidewall do you want?

The sidewall is the wall or your greenhouse. Typical sidewall heights are 4', 6', and 8'. We can go higher if you need it.

4. What type of covering do you need?

Polyethylene: the most cost effective and easiest to install. Comes in clear or white with1 year or 4 year options.

Polycarbonate: corrugated or twin-wall options available. Comes in a variety of colors. Offers better insulation and protection.

Solawrap: Bubble wrap for greenhouses. Offers great insulation and protection for your crop.

Shade: offers shade but no protection from wind, rain, or temperature fluctuations. Can be covered with 1 year poly in the winter.

5. What type of ventilation do you need?

Natural ventilation: roll up curtains may be all you need to allow air circulation in your structure

Mechanical ventilation: some areas and/or crops need more controlled environments that can be achieved with wall fans, circulating fans, cooling systems, and shutters.

Includes: complete packages, frame components, poly covering, poly attachments, roll up curtains, metal endwalls, (2) 4' x 8' hinged doors, eave and base angle (replaces need for lumber)