Professional In-house Installation

Professional in-house greenhouse installation

Our professional in-house installation services provide you with peace of mind. You can rest assured that your structure will be installed correctly by the ones who designed and manufactured it.


We know other companies offer installation, but how many can say it's handled by an in-house crew?


You have enough on your plate with your project so let us take care of getting your structure up and ready quickly. 

    Our installation services cover:

      • Commercial Greenhouse Kits
      • Residential Greenhouse Kits
      • High Tunnel Kits
      • School Greenhouse Kits
      • Gutter Connected Greenhouse Kits
      • Shade Structures
      • and more 

    Our installation services include:

    • Coordinating a mutually acceptable installation date and time with you or a designated representative
    • Scheduling a joint phone call with you and the proper entity for utility marking
    • Being readily available for any questions or concerns you may have when preparing for installation
    • Delivery and installation of the structure(s) and any accessories*
    • Performance of a walk-through inspection with you to ensure customer satisfaction upon completion

    Let us handle the dirty work

    We deal with greenhouses, high tunnels, and shade structures daily. It’s what we do.

    Our experienced crew will get your structure up so you can focus on what you really care about…growing.

    Let us handle your installation so you can prepare to use your new growing space.

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    *Please note: Any accessories such as heaters, fans, and shutters will be installed, but no wiring or plumbing will be provided