Standard Structures

Include: frame components, poly covering (for roof, ends, and curtains), roll up curtains, and poly attachments (over the bow and down the side). Lumber not included

Standard structures: these packages will need wood for the hip boards, base boards, and endwalls.  They require less initial monetary investment, but the wood will eventually need to be replaced.  The best wood to use is redwood, cedar, or some other rot-resistant wood. Make sure to get treated wood and watch out for mercury-based paints and preservatives because fumes from these products are toxic to plants.  

Our Standard structures range in widths from 18' x 30' with 4' or 5' bow spacing.  The 6' bow spacing range in widths from 18' x 20'.  If you have a custom size for your structure, we can work up an estimate to fit your needs.

Coverings for the greenhouse include:

  • Polyethylene: the most cost effective and easiest to install. Comes in clear or white with 1 year or 4 year options. 
  • Polycarbonate: corrugated or twin-wall options available. Comes in a variety of colors. Offers better insulation and             protection.
  • Solawrap: Bubble wrap for greenhouses. Offers great insulation and protection for your crop.
  • Shade: offers shade but no protection from wind, rain, or temperature fluctuations. Can be covered with 1 year poly           in the winter

    These structures can be built for residential or commercial needs.