Tips for Designing your Greenhouse –

Tips for Designing your Greenhouse


  • Narrower widths and bow spacing increase resistance to wind, snow, and ice.
  • Adding trusses increases stability and gives you a place to hang baskets. They also increase resistance to wind, snow, and ice.
  • 4’, 5’, and 6’ Bow spacing is available.
  • You can choose to finish the sides and end walls with wood or metal. Wood is a cheaper option but will need replacing down the road. 

Ventilation and Cooling

Greenhouses need ventilation in the hot summer months. If the greenhouse is small enough this can be achieved by simply opening the doors. For larger greenhouses you have several options:

  • Roll-up curtains: the most economical way to ventilate your greenhouse. The sides roll up using a crank or gear box for easy air flow. 
  • Exhaust fans and shutters: these work together to pull air through your greenhouse. 
  • Cooling systems: works with exhaust fans and shutters to cool the air being pulled through the greenhouse.
  • Circulation fans: small fans that are mounted throughout the greenhouse to improve air flow and decrease temperature.

To help keep temperatures down you can add shade cloth to the roof. By using the spring lock wire and base you can remove this during the winter months to let more light in if you choose to do so. A white poly covering is also available for this purpose. 


Should you choose to heat your greenhouse we offer several options that run off of natural or propane gas.


There are many greenhouse covering options. What is best for you depends on your climate, budget, and personal preference. 

  • Polyethylene covering: available in 1 year and 4 year and 6 mil or 3 mil. Clear poly has approximately 91% light transmission. White poly has approximately 45% light transmission. You can use a single layer or double layer poly. Doubling your poly adds insulation.
  • Polycarbonate: strong clear panels that are attached to the greenhouse. This is a more expensive option but it adds insulation and lasts longer than the polyethylene covering. It also gives your greenhouse an impressive, sleek look.
  • Corrugated fiberglass: more durable than polyethylene and less expensive than polycarbonate.


  • Our standard door is 4' x 6'8" and hangs on hinges. They are made out of square tubing and fiberglass.
  • Doors can be hung as a single or double option depending on how big of an opening you need.
  • We can custom make any size door.
  • There are many style options available such as a roll up door, a barn style door, and a walk through door.