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About this item: 

  • 【Plant Clips for Climbing Plants】Our plant clips can be used for home cable management and other wiring management, high quality plastic will not damage your plants, protect them from bad weather, support plants.
  • 【Space saving】The fixing clip can effectively save indoor space, make the vines fixed on the wall without occupying space, and can also fix the direction of the indoor wire, making the home neat and beautiful, and the space is larger.
  • 【Strong adsorption】 The fixed clip knob design is easy to use and firm, saves space, and the base has a strong adsorption force, which is not easy to fall off. Made of high quality ABS material, durable and practical, the safety belt is easy to stick and firm.
  • 【Wide range of applications】 suitable for cars, homes and offices, can be applied to all kinds of cables, all kinds of climbing plants so that they can be placed according to the shape and orientation we plan.
  • 【Knob Design】The wire harness is easy to paste and firm, and the bayonet can be adjusted freely. Plastic won't damage your plants, protect them from bad weather, and support plants.


Product Description

High-quality materials

Made of durable and practical high-quality material, and the life is doubled.

Easy Installation:

Simple to install, does not require any tools, the plant looks very beautiful after using the fixer, allow plants to decorate your home.

Steps for Usage:

1. Wipe the pre-installed wall.

2. Tear off protective film.

3. Stick to the wall and press tightly.

Design your own plant shape

Stick firmly without falling off

Versatile and creative

No punching, simple and convenient


100PCS Invisible Wall Vines Fixing Clips

SKU: d814d1e7-4535-4c94-ae1b-30caccd21607
$10.38 Regular Price
$9.34Sale Price
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