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  •  Widely applicable: The fly strips indoor capture aphids, leaf miners, fungus gnats, thrips, white flies, black flies, midges, mosquitoes, and other flying insects. These fly paper strips can be applied both indoors and outdoors. Getting rid of all insignificant insects is just a piece of cake!
  • Easy to use: Pull out fly catcher tubes, and hang the bug strips indoors sticky in areas where fruit flies often appear.
  • Safe and no odor: The fly tape is made of super thick glue and waterproof paper. the fly ribbon has a double-sided strong adhesive, no chemical or poisonous materials, no smoke, and no pollution.
  • Sticky fly traps hanging: Flies indoor sticky hanging are non-toxic and eliminate flies of various kinds. The fy ribbon lures them in and catches them with such mosquito tape that they cannot escape.
  • Customer support: We are committed to providing you with good products that can eliminate these small bugs and flying insects and make your life more enjoyable.


Product Description


When using a flypaper roll, it is recommended that you first rub it in your hands and then pull the paper apart to prevent it from breaking.

Product Information


Package: 24 packs of fly paper (Each fly tape includes a tack for hanging)

Unfold Size: 68 cm (each)

Use Attention

Please be careful when pulling to avoid breakage. Fly strips are sticky. Be careful it sticks your hand. If you touch the fruit fly trap accidentally, you can remove the glue from your hands with vegetable oil, alcohol, or waterless hand cleaner.


Fly tape indoors/outdoors is ideal for capturing flies and other flying insects, once flies are trapped, sticky glue makes them nowhere to run. As the weather gets hot, the gel melts, and the flycatcher can be easily pulled right off. Please pull out the fly paper slowly to avoid breakage.



24 Pack Sticky Fly Paper Strips Indoor, Outdoor

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