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  • What You Get: Our moss pole measures 27 inches long in total, and each plant stake is 17 inches long, which can be used to support climbing plants. 10 plant tags and 10 green ties are used to guide plants. One-stop shopping will save you trouble and build a green garden easily.
  • Suitable Size: Each plant stake measures 17 inches in height and 2 inches in diameter with a 4-inch wood stick. The 27-inch total height is available by connecting one pole with the other. A good partner in gardening.
  • Premium Material: This plant support pole is made of natural coconut palm figs, reusable, and safe for the environment and plants. Moss poles help plants maintain water and nutrition for their better growing.
  • Sturdy Support: Strong and sharp sticks make plant stakes easy to insert into the soil, providing strong support for the expansion of plants. The twist tie is convenient for you to tie the plant to the moss pole.
  • Wide Application: Moss pole for plants. Monstera is an ideal plant trellis for various indoor climbing plants, which is suitable for climbing plants, vines, and shrubs, such as Pothos, Money Plant, and Monstera. Help you create an ideal indoor garden.


27 Inch Moss Poles - 2Pcs 17 Inch Plant Stakes

SKU: d4908d87-6717-4089-a9bc-5c0f79769f19
$11.64 Regular Price
$10.48Sale Price
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