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  •  【Keep an eye on your plant】: The only design in the market- High-quality clear plastic trays of this seed grow kit makes it easier to observe your plants without interrupting the process.
  • 【Total control】: Adjustable vents of these seed trays allow you to regulate the temperature and humidity of your seedling environment, so you have total control over the germination process.
  • 【Perfect for the heat mat】: With their excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, these seedling trays are strong enough to be used on a heat mat and have no-worry melting.
  • 【Perfect size for large seed】: 1.5-inch square for each cell makes these seed trays suitable for large seeds, such as potatoes, tomatoes, perpers, eggplants, and so on. 6 trays are equivalent to a 1020 flat.
  • 【Package include】5 x Seed Tray, 5 x Watertight Base Tray, 5 x Humidity Dome, 10 x Plant Labels (A must have for seedling).


Product Description

A Must-Have for Every Gardener!

  • For seed, they are so delicate that they need a suitable space to enhance their ability to absorb water and nutrients.
  • Bonviee seed starter kits can help to improve seed germination rate and survival rate, so it is a must-have for everyone who likes gardening.

We Can Help You Start Seeding Easily and Efficiently.

  • These cell trays will encourage faster growth by giving your seedlings more access to nutrients and plenty of space.
  • A great option for a large variety of plants such as flowers, vegetables, fruits, tomatoes, and other plants.
  • Adjustable vents on top of the humidity dome are good for humidity control and airflow during plants' growth process.

Seed Starter Tray with Humidity Dome

Humidity Dome

The humidity dome ensures proper temperature and humidity for plants' growth.


Tray size: 7"×5.5"×2"

Cell size: 1.5"×1.5"×2"

Base size: 7.3"×5.6"×2.4"

Dome size: 7.3"×5.7"×2"

Package Includes:

  • 5 × Seed base trays
  • 5 × Humidity domes
  • 5 × Clear cell trays
  • 5 × Adjustable vents
  • 10 × Plant labels

Clear Seed Starter Tray

Transparent plastic trays make it easy to observe each plant's growth.

Proper Cell Size & Drain Hole

Each seed tray is 1.5"×1.5" for various plants. Drain holes at the bottom of each cell for proper drainage.

Quality Plastic Material

Quality PET plastic material makes the seed starter tray durable and reusable.


5-Pack Seed Starter Tray Seedling Starter Kits

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