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  • Made of Plastic that Comes Into Direct Contact with Food, Sturdy, and Used Outdoor for 10 Years -- this 8-inch large orchid pot is made of RoHs-certified plastic that can be used in direct contact with food; meanwhile adding imported anti-aging agent, effectively delaying the orchid pot turning yellow and becoming crunchy. Sturdy and lasts for 10 years in the outdoors, UV-resistant, and heat-resistant (-20℃+120℃). Anti-corrosion.
  • This Plant Pot is Specifically Designed for Orchids -- such as dendrobiums, phalaenopsis, cattleya, oncidium, vanda, cymbidium, clivia miniata, and aphrodite Rchb. F., is also suitable for common plants, such as peace lilies, succulents, cactus, snake plants, and so on. This 8-inch orchid pot with holes is perfect to decorate your balcony, windowsill, dining table, office desk, kitchen, living room, and bedroom.
  • 8-Inch Orchid Pot Owns Scientific Controlling Roots Technology, Develop Strong Lateral Roots -- When roots grow to inwall of the orchid pot, roots are guided by the grooves and grow downwards to the ventilation holes around the orchid pot, roots exposed to air through the holes will dry and be pruned, and the pruned roots develop a large number of strong lateral roots inside the orchid pot, so as to achieve the effect of controlling roots and strengthening roots to provide more nutrients for orchids.
  • Double-layer Orchid Planter with Holes, Excellent Ventilation and Drainage, Form Excellent Air Circulation and Prevent Root Rotting -- fresh air enter from the ventilation holes of the inner pot, and the exhaust gas is discharged from the ventilation holes at the bottom of the outer pot to form excellent air circulation;360° ventilation holes around the plastic orchid pot provide excellent ventilation and drainage, prevent root rot.
  • What You Get -- 1pc double-layer 8-inch orchid pots with holes and saucers (1 inner pot,1 outer pot,1 saucer)


8 Inch Orchid Pots with Holes and Saucers

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$18.64Sale Price
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