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  • Yellow sticky trap: bright colors attract flying insects, and high-quality glue keeps them from escaping. Specially designed for flying plant pests. Great for outdoor or indoor plants, especially potted plants.
  • Multiple packaging: we have different packing methods for large quantities and small quantities for gnat killers, which can meet your different requirements. The more the quantity, the cheaper the price.
  • Easy to use: the fruit fly trap with sharp bottom can be inserted directly into the soil, avoiding the trouble of tying ropes or hooks.
  • Safe and non-toxic: gnat traps use bright colors and glue to catch pests, no odors and harmful drugs, and no harm to people and pets.
  • Long lasting: gnat sticky traps with a very strong adhesive, they are UV resistant and waterproof. No need to replace them until fully covered with bugs.


96 Pack Yellow Sticky Fungus Gnat Traps for Indoor and Outdoor Plants

SKU: b1161847-a83f-4dfe-9860-7cefd2de990b
$21.04 Regular Price
$18.94Sale Price
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