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  • SCD Probiotics All Seasons Dry Bokashi – A chemical free way to kickstart the composting process, seal in more nutrients & reduce odor. Great for both the outdoor composter & indoor kitchen compost bin. Comes in a 1 gallon (2.2 lbs) resealable bag.
  • Compost Starter – Give a powerful boost to your compost health by starting it with our natural blend of fermented brans & minerals. This starter also absorbs extra liquid in the composter & reduces funky odors that come with composting process.
  • Easy To Use – Regularly add dry bokashi to kitchen food scrap bin or outdoor compost tumbler to get cleaner smelling, healthier compost the natural way. Especially popular for kitchen composting & winter composting but valuable in all seasons!
  • Household Odors – A nontoxic solution for common household odors. Sprinkle bokashi into your kitchen trash can, diaper pail or kitty litter box to dispel bad odors & absorb moisture. An eco-friendly odor neutralizer that’s 100% kid & pet safe.
  • SCD Probiotics – We’re passionate about bringing the benefits of probiotic science to your personal wellbeing & household environment. Our regenerative, eco-friendly products are made with a small carbon footprint right in beautiful Kansas City, MO.

Make better compost with SCD Probiotics All Seasons Dry Bokashi compost starter. Simply sprinkle into your indoor kitchen compost pail & over your large outdoor compost pile. Either way, you’ll harvest a more nutrient dense bounty of compost to make your garden grow, house plants thrive & flowers bloom. It’s so naturally nutritious that you can apply directly, as a soil amendment, to boost your indoor houseplants, container gardens & vegetable patches.

This compost kickstarter is a natural blend of fermented wheat bran, rice bran & key minerals, specifically formulated to provide your plants with a powerful jolt of life. A compost starter that’s designed to make composting easier—yes, even for the beginner. With the neutralizing nature of bokashi bran, there’s less need to worry about the perfect balance of browns & greens. In fact, when used with our Indoor Composter Starter Kit, you can add all food waste to your compost bucket, even meat, oils, dairy & bones!

A welcome nontoxic, family friendly & pet safe way to treat common home, compost & garden odors. Banish bad smells & absorb extra moisture by adding bokashi bran to your kitchen compost pail or backyard compost tumbler. And break down household odors naturally by adding to diaper pail, cat litter, outdoor pet messes or composting toilets.

A 3-pack of 1 gallon SCD Probiotics dry bokashi bags. Each upright plastic bag is resealable & easy to store under your kitchen sink or in the garden shed.

SCD Probiotics is invested in your healthiest life possible. Proudly delivering you the highest quality science-backed prebiotic, probiotic & postbiotic technology from the heart of Kansas City, Missouri.

All Seasons Bokashi Compost Starter 2 Lbs (1 Gallon)

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