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  • Cut to size soft and stretchy garden string for supporting plants and young trees
  • Specially designed for larger plants and young trees
  • Soft green garden ties that prevent damage to your plants and trees
  • Unlike traditional wire ties, BioStretch expands with your plants as they grow
  • Naturally degrades and falls to the floor after approximately 18 to 24 Months


Product Description

Biostretch, the professionals first choice for supporting plants

Standard Roses growing in the United Kingdom, all supported to guide lines with Biostretch

"Great product that has done the job of securing the rose standard stem well. It was easy to use and appears to be lasting well over the 2 year growing period.’ Quoted in June 2020 from one of the most emanate rose growers in the UK, John Turner at J B Turner Roses. We thank John and his team for allowing us to share their experience working with Biostretch out in the fields in the East of England.

Biostretch at work

Growing with the plant

Standard Roses supported to their guide rope with Biostretch.

Starting its support

A cold February morning shown alongside 30,000 roses supported on the start of their growing cycle.

18 months later

The Bio's job is now nearly complete, the roses will be harvested in the next two months.



Biostretch Extra Wide Tree Ties and Large Plant String (Bio Extra Wide 26 Ft / 8

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