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  •  🌿Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit: This kit is a system of water pumps, timers, tubes, and drippers that deliver the proper amount of water to each plant, which helps you avoid both under and overwatering. It is a compact design for your home potted plant irrigation. vacations, busy schedules, and changing weather conditions can all leave flowers, veggies, and shrubs thirsty. Now Free your hands to water your plants with no worries.
  • 🌻Easy DIY Installation: In just 10 minutes, you can install a drip irrigation system for your home potted or hanging plants. The kit includes all necessary accessories - 33 ft of tubing, 15 watering stakes, multiple T-joints, and cross joints - making it easy for you to create your own watering irrigation kit.
  • 🌷Scientific Water-Saving Design: Using watering stakes can save at least 70% more water than traditional spray and drip heads. You can spot the water only where the roots need it, preventing water evaporation over time and making the drip system ideal for saving water during drought conditions. Generally, one gallon of water can last for at least three weeks for ten potted houseplants.
  • 🌱Digital Timer Display: Featuring an extra-large LCD screen with bright, easy-to-read text and dial, the kit includes a programmable timer, making it simple to set up your watering schedule. Once the timer is set, the settings are automatically saved to the device, eliminating the need to reset the timer each time you restart the power.
  • 🎍Two Power Options: This system can be powered by four AA batteries or Micro USB power. If the USB power fails, the pump will continue to run using AA battery power (if batteries are installed). This feature is excellent for urban patios and balconies where faucets are unavailable.


Product Description

Moistenland's automatic indoor dripping system is aimed to solve your houseplant watering problem when you are away from home for days. The system has combined a timer with a powerful pump together to help you provide the exact water amount that the plants need, avoiding under or over-watering.

In the past 3 years, we are so glad that our dripping system has earned so many customer credits and we will constantly improve our products to make you have a happy shopping experience with us.


Set a watering timer to free your hands and mind. Providing the exact water amount to your plants according to the schedule, avoiding under or over-watering.


Automatic Drip kit consumes 70% less water than traditional spray & drip heads, providing water only exactly where the roots are needed.


Powered with 4 AA batteries or Micro-USB cable. The AA batteries will act as backup power in case the electricity off. 4 AA batteries can be last at least 6 months.


With three programming buttons and an easy-to-read LCD display, you can set your watering timer for only 3 minutes.


Manual Watering

The setting button is also functionated as a manual watering button. With just one press, you can water the plants right away without interrupting the timer you set previously.

Data Storage

All settings are stored in the timer. You won't have to reset the timer again after power recovery.


Full accessories including tubes, joints, and watering stakes make the installation take only 15 minutes. Up to 15 to 20 pots watering.

Time Delay

Simply select how many hours/days of watering should be skipped, without interrupting the existing timer.

Manual Mode

It won't disturb the timer you already set when you use it. Press and hold the "set" button for 3 seconds until you see the watering icon lit up. Then you can press any button to stop manual watering.

Automatic Setting

"How Long" means the watering duration. Press the "set" button, and the "HOW LONG" icon will show on the screen, then use the up and down button to set how long the watering time you want.

Automatic Setting

"How often" means the interval time between the last watering time and the next. After you set up the watering duration, it will enter into the "HOW OFTEN" setting automatically. Press the up and down button to choose the interval time you need.

Delay Watering Start Time

The delayed watering start time works only when you set up a new watering schedule each time. It's an optional function, please refer to the instruction when you need it.





DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit, 15 Potted Houseplants Support, Indoor Waterin

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