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  • 6 INCH LENGTH METAL ROBUST CONSTRUCTION - 100 pack with 11 gauge(3.0mm )heavy duty garden stakes, single ground stake with 6 inch in length and 1.5 inch in width. Rugged landscape staple/pins are applied premium hot-dip galvanizing with thicker coating instead of regular cheap Electro-galvanized with thinner coating, so our galvanized lawn stakes will not bend when used to outdoor landscaping or home projects.
  • SHARP END & ADJUSTABLE WIDTH - Our garden staples have sharp angled cut on the ends of easily insert into the ground soil with less force. Metal Garden Stakes are designed to enhance your outdoor landscape fabric, patio, garden edging, yard decorations, chain link fence, ground cover, lights, plastic, electric wire, lawn, drip irrigation tubing and countless items.
  • GALVANIZED U LAWN STAKES - Garden Staples can be used to hold down your gardening fabric, garden mat, artificial grass turf, weed barriers, garden edging, gardening, raised bed, tomato cages, landscape fabric or plastic to keep weeds away from plants.
  • MULTITUDE OF USES-Anchor soaker hose, plant cages, electric wires, wire mesh, electric fencing, chain link fences, chicken wire, dog fence, deer and bird nets, and holiday decoration wire, It Great for securing a boundary or perimeter fence to stop animal digging such as squirrels, rabbits, and gophers in your gardens or beds.
  • CUSTOMER GUARANTEE- If you're not 100% satisfied with our landscape staples then send them back for a full refund. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. These stakes with ROUND tops, please be aware of the picture on the box.


Product Description


  • 50 Pack see ASIN:B07HPMXRRD
  • 100 Pack see ASIN:B077VPH29T
  • 200 Pack see ASIN:B07FNR69B1
  • 250 Pack see ASIN:B077VYQ2YM


  • 50 Pack see ASIN:B085LRMH3C
  • 100 Pack see ASIN:B085LS7G72
  • 200 Pack see ASIN:B085LSZGQC


  • 100 Pack see ASIN:B077VT3NZ1


  • 50 Pack see ASIN:B085LRXWXX
  • 100 Pack see ASIN:B085L1JR2B
Stakes Length 12 Inches 12 Inches 12 Inches 9 Inches
Galvanized Stakes
Stakes Thickness 8 Ga(4.0mm) 3/8 Inch (10.0mm) 3/8 Inch (10.0mm) 6Ga(5.0mm)


11 GAUGE STEEL ROBUST Construction. No bent when pushed into the lawn/hard soil ground. Galvanized steel material saves you money in the long run. Garden Staples applied Premium Hot-Dip Galvanizing with a thicker coating instead of Regular cheap Electro Galvanizing with a thinner coating.


FULL 6" LENGTH - Rugged Landscape Staple/Pins are Made with 11 Gauge (3.0mm) Steel. Our Garden Staples have Sharp beveled Ends that make it easier/quicker to fully insert into the ground soil with less force. Steel Garden Stakes are designed to enhance your outdoor landscapes, patio, lawn, or garden to pin down countless items.


Container garden, square foot, herb, rose, bulbs, vegetable & flower gardens. Fence in dogs, stop dogs digging in your gardens or beds, or hold down a boundary or perimeter fence to stop animal digging such as squirrels, rabbits, and gophers, and also to secure deer and bird nets. Useful in cactus, succulent, and Japanese gardens to hold down landscape fabric or plastic.


Anchor your gardening fabric, plastic, edging, chain link fences, lighting, electric wires, holiday decoration wire, drip irrigation tubing, solar, LED, spotlights, cable, controller, timer, charger, and valve. Holds down landscape fabric, dog fences, sod, erosion control fabrics, rose gardens, vegetable bulbs, floral decor, raising beds, square footage, pet fence, tomato cages, chicken wire, etc.


Garden Staples 6 Inch Galvanized 100 Pack Round

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