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  •  【ABOUT THIS】Length: 25 ft x 0.47 inch, 1 roll. Made of soft Nylon, the hook and loop Strips fastener is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative, so it will not damage plants or any items when tied together.
  • 【STRONGER GRIP】The thick loops surface and the stiff hooks surface are bonded with each other. So that the adhesion is strong and the durability is good. Thicker plant ties with non-slip grip, keep flowers and plants staked, supported, and securely bundled together.
  • 【DOUBLE-SIDED USE】Tying the soft side inwards protects the delicate roots of the plant. Even more amazingly, turning the rough side inward increases friction and holds the thicker saplings in place
  • 【REUSABLE & ADJUSTABLE】At the end of the growing season or any time you don't need plant ties, you can collect them and put them in packaging bags. The opening of our bags is sealed with a reusable zipper, which can effectively avoid moisture and prolong the service life
  • 【SOFT PROTECTION FOR GROWING】Strong resistance to wind and rain provides stability and support to plants in severe weather. The strong, yet gentle, material holds up the plants without damaging the stems


Product Description

Add LE TAUCI garden ties to your backyard for easy gardening.

This will be a great helper for your gardening

Have a beautiful yard and garden without having to break a sweat.

Easy Reuse

You just cut whatever length you want and recycle it at the end of the generating season so you can reuse it for years

Multifunctional use

It's not just tomato vines, grape vines need it, you can also use it to tie up your wires or any messy data cables

About LE TAUCI Garden tie

  • Color: Green
  • Length: 25 ft *0.47 inch
  • Quantity: 1 roll
  • Material: Nylon
  • Two loops can hold 40 LBS

Why should we tie the tomato vine?

✔ Tied tomato plants have more room to grow and are easier to pick

✔ Without proper support, the weight of the tomatoes can cause branches to snap,

✔ Untied plants will grow along the ground, causing the plants to tangle, the fruits to rot, and make the plant more susceptible to disease.

Throw away the string, floss, zip ties, or whatever you use to tie your tomato vine to the pole. These are the way to go!



Garden Tape for Plant(25 Ft X 0.47 Inch, 1 Roll, Green)

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