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  • 4000K DAYLIGHT: Imitate the solar spectrum, customize a more ideal full life cycle full spectrum supplementary light program, covering the entire visible spectrum of 400nm-780nm; Color rendering index Ra is close to 100, infinitely close to natural light, suitable for every cycle of plant growth, effectively promotes plant growth, and improves crop yield and quality.
  • SECONDARY OPTICAL DESIGN: PPF: 36.2umol/s, PPFD:177.06μmol/s/㎡@1FT: Through the lens for secondary scientific light distribution, improve light utilization, give plants more supplementary light, and improve light bulb lifespan to 25,000 hours.
  • PATENTED COC TECHNOLOGY: Chip on Ceramic, SANSI's patented technology replaces the traditional Mcpcb aluminum substrate with a non-conductive ceramic heat sink, and directly solders the LED chip on the ceramic heat sink, effectively reducing the system thermal resistance between the LED PN junction and the surface of the heat sink, resulting in faster heat conduction and higher product reliability, makes the SANSI bulb has higher light efficiency.
  • SAFE & RELIABLE: The lamp body is made of special ceramic material, and the flame retardant grade reaches V0; the reinforced insulation structure design, with no risk of electric shock, is safer; the whole shell material reaches the WF2 anti-corrosion grade, which is more reliable and durable; low IR, less heat radiation, avoiding close Distance exposure burns plants.
  • GUARANTEES: ETL listed & CE certification, quality and safety verified, 5 years warranty.


Product Description

Sun Inside Your Home

Give more than you could imagine to plants!

Equivalent Incandescent Watts 150W 200W 400w 300W 600W 1000W
PPF (μmol/s) 16 27 65.6 40 72 108
Growing Power (μmol/s/㎡ @ 1ft) 97.91 152.83 265.58 227.5 173.99 577.54
LUX (lumens) 900 1350 3250 2400 5212 9502
Veg Coverage 2 sq ft(2x1) 4 sq ft(2x2) 9 sq ft(3x3) 6 sq ft(3x2) 6 sq ft(3x2) 9 sq ft(3x3) )
"Application (the maximum number of plants grown, e.g. Orchid or Succulents)" 3 5 10 8 6 10+
Yearly Cost (USD) 6.57 9.86 23.65 15.77 39.42 65.7

Grow Light Bulb with COC Technology

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$30.87 Regular Price
$27.78Sale Price
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