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  • OMRI ORGANIC LISTED SEAWEED & KELP FERTILIZER: Liquid Kelp is a natural plant food that provides a range of benefits for plant health and nutrition. OMRI listed for organic use, GS Plant Foods Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer is a completely natural, seaweed extract fertilizer for plants. Our liquid seaweed will optimize soil conditions for greater root mass and improve nutrient uptake. It can be applied without concern for harmful chemicals or nutrient loss to the environment.
  • ONE OF NATURE’S ‘MIRACLE’ PLANT FOODS: Made from the finest seaweed plant Ascophyllum Nodosum, this is one of nature’s miracle plant foods. Our seaweed extract improves your plant’s tolerance to excessive heat, wind, drought conditions, and more. It increases and stabilizes chlorophyll in plants, which results in darker green leaves and increased sugar content in plants.
  • IMPROVES OVERALL PLANT NUTRITION AT HOME OR COMMERCIALLY: GS Plant Foods sea kelp fertilizer is used extensively on a commercial basis, as well as at home for gardeners as an organic soil conditioner. Using GS Plant Foods seaweed plant fertilizer will lead to improved nutrient uptake and general plant well-being.
  • EASY TO APPLY FOR NATURAL GREAT RESULTS: Apply liquid kelp to improve growing conditions in all growth stages. This liquid kelp should be sprayed in the morning or late afternoon when temperatures are lower, and the leaves stoma are open.
  • TRUSTED & RELIABLE: At GS Plant Foods, we understand that you are placing your trust in us to provide you with the highest quality organic seaweed fertilizer products available. We have 100% confidence in the quality of our products and continuously strive to deliver the best customer experience. Our products are organic, easy to use, cost-efficient, sustainable, and yield consistent & amazing results in your garden, no matter what you're growing or what medium in which your plants are growing.


Product Description

GS Plant Foods for Everyday Use

GS Plant Foods Fertilizers may be used in organic food production according to the USDA National Organic Program.

Organic Liquid Kelp Fertilizer is specially formulated for:

  • Fruit
  • Flowers
  • Seeds / Seedlings
  • Growth Cycle
  • Plant
  • Roots
  • Soil

Organic Liquid Kelp

Seaweed & Kelp Fertilizer Solution

GS Plant Foods Liquid Kelp is a natural plant food that is made from the finest seaweed plant Ascophyllum Nodosum, one of nature’s miracle plant foods. Our organic liquid kelp provides a range of benefits for overall plant health and growth. This fertilizer optimizes soil conditions for natural root growth, supports nutrient uptake, and increases plant vigor, and can be applied to any type of soil or plant without concern for harmful chemicals leaching into the environment.

  • Apply liquid kelp to improve nutrient uptake in specific growth stages.
  • To improve nutrient conditions for better crop size and yield.
  • To optimize soil conditions for better natural root and plant growth.
  • To enhance the conversion of applied nutrients to plant available forms.
  • This Liquid Kelp should be sprayed in the morning or late afternoon for better nutrient absorption.

Works With All Fertilizers

Our Organic Liquid Kelp works synergistically with all fertilizers such as GS Plant Foods Organic Liquid Fish. This plant supplement significantly improves the nutritional levels and growth of your plants, vegetables, citrus, trees, flowers, lawn and turf!

Superior Production Quality!

Earning your clients’ trust and loyalty is not an easy goal to achieve. That's why, at GS Plant Foods, we only offer you high-quality products to make sure they rise up to your expectations!

The Advantages of Using GS Plant Foods:

  • Organic Fertilizer
  • No Synthetic Chemicals
  • Better Nutrient Efficiency
  • Improves Soil Quality
Description Soft Soil Liquid Soil Aerator & Lawn Treatment is an easy-to-use soil conditioner and easy aerator lawn solution. Our soft soil is a top-level treatment for compacted soils and all grass and lawn types, fixes drainage problems and opens root growth. GS Plant Foods Root Ruckus works to promote plant and root growth, as well as increase fruiting, blooms and harvest. It protects against plant shock and increases water retention. GS Plant Foods Flower Power is a natural fertilizer specifically formulated to boost your flowering plants to their maximum health and produce beautiful blooms. GS Plant Foods Yucca Wet is a natural wetting agent and surfactant. Yucca Wet allows for plants and soils to uptake and retains water and nutrients, penetrating deeper into the plant’s root zone.
Great for use on Compacted soils, grass & lawns Plants, shrubs, roses, lawns & soil Flower blooms Soils
Available sizes 1 Gallon 1 Gallon & 32 Oz 1 Gallon & 32 Oz 1 Gallon & 32 Oz


Organic Kelp Fertilizer by - Omri Certified (1 Quart) - Kelp Fertilizer for Gar

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