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  • ✅ BEST GROWING MEDIUM for Plants Grown in Containers — Mix With Potting Mix For Best Results
  • 🌟 IMPROVED AERATION of SOIL — Porosity of Perlite Prevents Soil From Compacting
  • 🌊 DRAINAGE MANAGEMENT — Improved Drainage for Potted Plants Grown Indoors and Outdoors
  • 🌱 ROOT ACCESSIBILITY — Surface Area of Perlite Pieces Creates Space for Roots to Expand
  • 💓 LIGHTWEIGHT — Highly Durable But Does Not Weigh Down Roots, Does Not Decompose

Perfect Plants Perlite is an excavated mineral rock that is typically mixed with potting soil to help manage aeration and drainage of soil for potted plants. The mineral is light-weight and porous creating air pockets within the soil that alleviate stress on roots. Perlite has been shown to help maximize root growth while lessening stress of drainage management for gardeners with containerized plants. Perlite can also be substituted for soil when propagating cuttings as it successfully drains water so baby roots can develop safely. Simply mix Perfect Plants Perlite with a multi-purpose potting mix or seed starter before planting. Perfect Plants Perlite comes in a 8qt. heavy duty, re-sealable bag — perfect for storage or later use.

Organic Perlite (8Qts.)

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