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  • 【Sturdy and Durable】: Our potting bench is made of 100% fir wood, which is known for its strength and dimensional stability. Built-in a solid structure, the potting tabletop can hold up to 100 kg/ 220 lb and 80 kg/176 lb for the bottom shelf and cabinet.
  • 【Spacious Working& Storage Space】: Measuring 112 x 46 cm/ 44.1 x 18.1’’, the large tabletop covered with galvanized metal sheet provides you with ample placing/ working/ crafting space. Apart from the drawer under the tabletop, the slatted shelf and the roomy cabinet at the bottom offer open storage and enclosed space to satisfy your various storage needs.
  • 【Versatile Usage】: If you’re a big fan of gardening, this potting bench can be a great assistant for you. It also can serve as a display stand for plants, photos and handicrafts or storage for grills in the porch, patio and balcony.
  • 【Handy Side Hooks】: Our outdoor bench comes with three metal hooks on the right side for hanging gardening tools, fire pokes and bags for your convenience.
  • 【Metal-plated】: Planting table will help reduce accidental scratches and water/ dirt stain on top. Never place mordant substances like acid on the sheet, though. A practical and beautiful addition to your backyard space.


Product Description

This 100% fir wood gardening console is body-harmless. You can transplant edible vegetables, or mix nutrient soil on it. Its unadorned wood look makes it a harmonious integration of your garden or backyard.

Thoughtful functions make it a dedicated gardening assisstant. The adoption of a smooth metal top facilitates the cleaning after planting. You can wash it with water or clean it with a cloth without worrying about the fine dirt getting into the wood grains. The elevated rack, smooth drawer, open shelf, generous cabinet, and 3 side hooks can meet your different needs, serving as a space-efficient gardening and storage solution.


  • Colour: Wood
  • Drawer: 10 kg/ 22 lb
  • Item Weight: 17.5 kg/ 38.5 lb
  • Shipping Weight: 20 kg/ 44 lb
  • Materials: Fir Wood, Galvanized Metal Sheet
  • Overall Dimensions: 44.1″ L × 18.3″ W × 49.2″ H
  • Max Weight Capacity:Tabletop: 100 kg/ 220.5 lb
  • Bottom/ Cabinet Shelf: 40 kg/ 88.2 lb for either side
  • Storage options: Top shelf for small planters. Tabletop for main potting work. Drawer for storing tools, especially sharp ones to avoid accidental hurt. Side hooks for hanging items. Cabinet for hidden-from-sight storage. All-in-one solution of potting bench with storage just for you.
  • About daily care: Water cleaning works fine for the galvanized tabletop. Mild cleanser and wet mopping are recommended for the fir body. Simple daily care potting bench for your easy use.
  • Unique features: Extra latch on the cabinet for special needs. Free-standing style with a ground clearance of around 3.7” for easy moving. Back reinforcement slates along the tabletop and all shelves keep items safe from falling off. User-friendly garden work table.Y
  • You can use this large-weight capacity potting table bench to pot/trim/wash plants on the tabletop and store gardening tools/accessories and planters on the drawer and shelves. den-from-sight storage. All-in-one solution of potting bench with storage just for you.



Keep the cabinet locked and the things will be stored inside safely.


The cabinet at the bottom offers enclosed space to satisfy your various storage needs.


The surface of the table top is smooth, durable, and easy to clean.


The drawer under the tabletop is a good place for small items and tools away from dust.


The slatted shelf provides open storage space, which is great for small/big plants and tools.


Come with 3 metal hooks on the right side for hanging gardening tools for your convenience.



Outdoor Garden Potting Bench Table

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