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  • SUPER EFFECTIVE OUTDOOR FLY CONTROL: Our Pro Series Disposable Fly Bag Traps have a catch capacity of up to 30,000 flies and are 100% larger than comparable fly bags. Hang several fly trap bags outdoors 10-30 feet from your home to significantly reduce problems with flies getting inside. The non-toxic fly bait attracts flies from a distance of 30-40 feet away! Use our outdoor fly killer for pest control management around your home and yard.
  • SIMPLE SCREW TOP COVER: This fly catcher trap is easy to use. Just unscrew the lid, add water, and hang! No cutting of the bag is necessary as it comes with an easy hang wire. When you've caught enough flies, simply screw the easy screw cover closed and dispose of the fly bag! Compared to fly strips or fly paper, there is no messy cleanup with this insect killer.
  • FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY: Keep the fly traps outdoor, where the flies belong! Pro Series Disposable Fly Bag Traps should be installed in sunny areas, as direct sunlight will increase the lure's effectiveness. Traps should be deployed in areas where flies frequent most, such as barns or dumpster and compactor areas. While the fly bait is non toxic and safe to use around pets and kids, the scented bait is not intended for use as gnat traps or fruit fly traps for indoors.
  • NON-TOXIC & LONG LASTING: Our Non-Toxic fly bait, included in the bag, is environmentally friendly and will attract a broad range of fly species all season long. Our powerful bait has a scent that flies will love (that’s the point) but you and your guests most certainly will not. The disposable bug catcher is designed to be used for outdoor fly traps. The bait in the fly bag will activate over time and the scent will become stronger. The stronger the scent the more flies it will attract.
  • INTELLIGENT PEST MANAGEMENT: At our core, we are dedicated pest detectives. We believe in utilizing a science-based approach to integrated pest management. We call this approach Intelligent Pest Management. We leave no stones unturned when it comes to pests and we have unwavering conviction in our products.

Product Description

Hanging Disposable Fly Bag Trap

· Catches up to 30,000 flies

· Non-toxic & family safe

· Easy-to-use, simply add water

· Leak-proof locking cap helps prevent spillage

Placement Tips

Easy Activation

To open the trap, turn top counter-clockwise and pull top up.


Fill the bag to the fill line indicated on the bag, hang outdoors where flies are located.

Easy Disposal

To dispose, hold the top ring, push down and turn clockwise to seal. Place in the trash.

Trapping Tips

Out of the Wind but Sunny

For optimal results find an area that is out of the wind but with ample sunlight. The sunlight will help the bait activate quicker.

Avoid Your Favorite Spots

Do not place traps near areas where people congregate as you want to draw the flies away from these areas. Place near trash cans or other places where flies are found.

Have Patience

The bait in the fly bag will activate over time and the scent will become stronger. The stronger the scent the more flies it will attract.

Trap Size 8” x 11” 1.5” x 25” 4.125” x 7” 1.125” x 10” 30" x 6.75"
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor

Pro Series Fly Bag 4-Pack

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