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  • 2-PART NUTRIENT PACK - Two bottles are all you need from start to finish of your grow cycle! No need for complex nutrient schedules
  • PRIME NUTRIENT BLEND ensures maximum absorption for your plants - thanks to scientifically formulated Iron (Fe) chelated with DTPA
  • ULTRA CONCENTRATED - A little ENVY goes a long way; offering Greenhouse Grade nutrients for abundant harvests.
  • GROW GREEN WITH ENVY to get the best out of your grow's genetics using ENVY's fortified NPK blend for continued quality growth.
  • HIGH CALCIUM (Ca) CONTENT 5% (in part A) for strong, tall, hardy plants


Product Description

ENVY Hydroponic Base Nutrient Combination

Whether You're Growing Veggies, or Vegging Grows - ENVY's Liquid A/B Combination Provides Excellent Base Nutrition to Boost Vigor and Yields

Growing vegetables, crops, or herbs hydroponically can provide excellent yields, healthy plants, and condensed growth stages. ENVY's A/B Liquid provides a robust base nutrient combination for all hydroponically grown crops; and includes 5% Calcium without utilizing Calcium Chloride.

Many base nutrients make outlandish claims about yields, ingredients, and composition. ENVY has been producing plant food since 1962, and with that experience comes the quality you know you can trust. We cut 0 corners without ingredients; deriving our formulas from top-quality ingredients that are great for Hydro, Soil, and Coco-Coir grow mediums.

We are often asked why our A/B nutrients are so affordable; put simply, we own the production. All of our base nutrients are formulated, blended, and packaged in our Chicago, IL facility - the same place we blend our liquid and soluble nutrients that are used in crop, herb, and veggie farming Nationwide. Grow Green with ENVY for happy plants, growers, and wallets.


ENVY A/B Liquid Nutrients for Hydro, Soil & Coco-Coir Growing

  • Quality ingredients, such as Iron Chelated with DPTA ensure maximum nutrient absorption
  • Our AB Liquid Nutrients are super-concentrated; offering top-quality nutrients for abundant harvests
  • PERFECT FOR R.O. & COIR - formulated to replace minerals depleted by reverse osmosis or coco coir
Promotes Strong Growth Formulated to develop large, healthy hydroponic crops Formulated to develop large, healthy hydroponic crops Use to correct common nutrient deficiencies for strong, deep green crops
Corrects Common R.O. Deficiencies Specially formulated for this purpose
Hydroponic System Friendly Designed to keep systems clean - no Calcium Chloride
Soil and Coco Coir Friendly Corrects nutrient lock-up in coco coir & R.O. mineral depletion
Specialized Uptake Nutrients Chelated Iron DTPA (Fe), Calcium (5%) Contains Sulfur (S), Molybdenum (Mo), Water Soluble Magnesium (Mg) - Chelates in Part A Chelated Iron DTPA (Fe), Magnesium Nitrate


Two-Part Base Nutrients for Hydroponics, Soil & Coir

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