High Tunnels

High Tunnel KitsHigh Tunnels are growing  structures that use natural ventilation. They are not usually connected to a power supply and plants are commonly grown in the ground.  They allow you to:
  • Extend your growing season
  • Get out of season prices for your product
  • Improve the quality of your plants and produce
  • Protect your plants from harmful weather conditions

 They are often used by farmers to increase revenue and expand product selection.

What's the difference between a High Tunnel and a Greenhouse?

High Tunnels or Hoop Houses are generally single layer polyethylene covered structures with no electricity. They are designed for extending the growing season and providing a protected environment for the crops. Ventilation is achieved through the use of roll up curtains. Generally there is no heater but sometimes a portable heater may be used. These are basic (but still very useful and popular) structures for protected agriculture/horticulture.

Greenhouses may be covered with single or double poly or a rigid covering (polycarbonate, dynaglass, etc.). They use mechanical ventilation with or without cooling pads, and generally incorporate heat. This equipment is regulated through the use of a thermostat or control system.

Despite these differences the term High Tunnel and Greenhouse are often used interchangeably. In fact, a High Tunnel can be considered a Low Technology

Need Financial Assistance?

The USDA NRCS Program can help you acquire your high tunnel through their cost sharing High Tunnel Initiative through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).

We have completed many NRCS high tunnel kits and installations with a 100% approval rate. Let us help you with your NRCS project.

Getting started 

Contact your local USDA NRCS Office to start your application process. They will get you started and let you know what you are approved to receive.

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