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  •  Package includes: Includes 100pcs 30mm fiber soil direct plant seed starters. Once the seedlings have grown, simply insert the entire seed starter/seedling into an outdoor terrace/deck planter or backyard garden. Since there is no root disturbance, it is easy to build plants. It couldn't be easier!
  • Material: As a raw material, sphagnum moss is environmentally friendly and can be fully degraded; it is convenient for transplanting and colonizing operations, improving the efficiency and success rate of transplanting. It can be transplanted and planted without detachment. The unique net cover design is convenient for the transportation and transplanting of seedlings, and it is not scattered.
  • Easy to use: The operation is very simple! Just add water to the seed starter, insert the seeds or cuttings, and keep them moist, in a miniature greenhouse. Then grow them and transplant them into a planter or your garden. It's amazing to see the results! Great for beginners in gardening and also for kids.
  • Unique network design: Net bag compressed nursery nutrient block, diameter 30 mm.
  • Use steps: 1. Place the nursery in a small container filled with water; 2. Pour into the water without adding seeds; 3. As the seedlings continue to grow and replenish in time, the entire expansion process takes about 3-5 minutes; 4. In the nursery, The top of the block is buried in the middle of the seed, and the seed can be completely placed in the matrix. The depth of the seed is entered according to the size of the seed diameter. The general depth is twice the seed diameter.


Product Description

100% Organic Expansive Soil

The fertilizer nutrient blocks are made of natural coconut fiber and peat. The loose soil has good air permeability and water absorption, providing a good environment for the humidity and air permeability required for plant growth. So your plants can take root faster.

The Perfect Organic Garden

Net bag compressed nursery nutrient block Very suitable for planting vegetables, indoor house plants, herbs, succulents, wheat grass, cat grass, micro greens, flowers, and ornamentals.

Entertainment Project

Planting is a fun and relaxing project for both adults and children, and the Fiber Soil Seed Starter Kit can quickly display the results in the garden. Very suitable for gardening beginners, but also suitable for children.

The Perfect Soil for Your Organic Garden!
  • Can be used with nursery boxes, plug trays, etc .; even directly put a few nursery pieces in a large tray to nurse directly, super easy!
  • Can be used with nursery boxes, plug trays, etc .; even directly put a few nursery pieces in a large tray to nurse directly, super easy!
  • Style: Net bag, round shape.
  • Size: 30mm/40mm/50mm, a variety of sizes to choose from!
  • Quantity: 50/100pcs/200pcs.

The magical healing peat particles expand like magic and promote growth!

Anyone can use the Fibre Soil Seed Starter Kit to simplify and succeed!

Easy To Use:

  • step 1: Putting some peat pellets into the container
  • step 2: Sprinkle water on top of peat pellets or pour water into a container to expand, the peat soil will swell and get big
  • step 3: Wait a few times, until there is no water in the soil, and then put the prepared seeds into the planting holes of the peat pellets.

Warm tips:

  • Embed the seeds in the middle position above the nursery block
  • The depth of submergence is generally twice the diameter of the seed.
Quantity 100pcs 12qt 10pcs 8pcs 150pcs
Size 3cm 12qt Size of single cell: 1.57" x 1.57" x 2.0" (L x W x H) 8 x 4 x 2inches 3cm


100 Pcs 30Mm Peat Pellets Seed Starter Soil Pods Plugs for Vegetable

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